Concepts and Ideas

My ideation led to three potential directions, based on the goals of improving access to the truck, enforcing proper ergonomics and safety, and improving the overall utility of the truck.

This concept involves a sliding tray that would hold the heavy baggage in position for the rangers to wear on their backs. It is the most specific to the needs of the OMNR, and also mechanically very simple.

This concept involves a hinged mechanism that brings the inside contents of the bed into a position where they are better reachable from the outside of the truck. 

This concept is the most generally applicable to contractors and laborers as well as the OMNR rangers. It transforms the typical bed enclosure into a set of hinged doors that double as steps for improved side access to the truck. The steps rest against the tires of the truck so as not to damage external body panels.

Jonathon MarkowskiComment