Flowers in nature display an outwardly beautiful chaos that belies a deliberate order of patterns and collisions. 

Through physical experimentation in my personal projects, I study these forms to understand how to better represent them in my broader work.

The best example I've found so far is in the complex curvature of the coach-built era of French car design. 

This form study is a light fixture, based on the flowing, hand-formed bodies of the likes of Figoni et Falaschi and their peers. 

I asked a room full of kids what the car of the future might look like. Then I showed them how to make it real.

The next generation of consumers are all around us, forming habits and opinions in schools and summer camps just like the one where I ran this workshop. We practiced basic sketching skills, then carved a Styrofoam buck and 3-D scanned it to produce 3-D printed prototypes. 

I really wanted a coffee mug. 

Need I say more?